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E-Commerce Site Search Plans And Options
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Service Plan Starter Professional Professional
E-Commerce Site Search      
Comprehensive Features
Advanced Features
Fuzzy Search[?]Compensates for common shopper mistakes such as typing errors and misspellings.
Guided Navigation[?]Guided Navigation (also known as faceted search) allows site search users to easily and rapidly narrow their search for products in a structured fashion, typically using products attributes such as price, color, brand, etc.
Rich Auto-Complete [?]Improves shopper engagement and your conversion rate by suggesting search terms, products, etc. in real time as a visitor types a site search query.
Mouse Over Popups [?]Shopper can view more detailed product information in a small popup window by simply moving the mouse over the product image on the search results page.
Google AdWords & PPC Integration[?]Merchant may integrate site search with Google AdWords or other PPC venue to display dynamically generated landing pages.
Cross Sell and Up Sell support [?]Merchant defiend cross sell and up sell products can be displayed from the search results page.
Historical Search Statistics [?]Search activity reporting can incorporate up to 3 years of historical data. 1 Month 1 Year 3 Years
Reciprocal Link Waiver [?]A link to our site from merchant site home page is required.
Number of SKU's supported 200 Unlimited Unlimited
Delivery options [?]Product data may be sent via a web form ("HTTP Upload"), FTP Upload to our servers ("FTP Push"), or we can pick up the data from your server on a scheduled basis ("FTP Scheduled Pull") HTTP Upload HTTP,
FTP "Push"
FTP "Push",
FTP Scheduled "Pull"
Submission frequency limits [?]Product data may be sent as frequently as required. Weekly Daily Twice daily
Processing priority [?]Product data is processed on a prioritized basis. Deferred Priority High Priority
Site Search Monthly Charge Free $0/mo $0/mo
Google Product Injection Option      
Google Base data feed composition [?]Don't just rely on getting found; actively tell Google about each and every one of your products and their attributes via a Google Base data feed.
Merchant defined attributes support [?]The Google Base data feed includes merchant defined product attributes in addition to standard attributes.
Automatic data feed upload to Google[?]We automatically send your data feed directly to Google every time your product data base is updated.
Automatic periodic refresh of data feed[?]Don't let your products get dropped by Google. We automatically resend your last data feed to "refresh" your listings. Every 30 days Every Day
Product Injection Monthly Charge Free $0/mo $0/mo
Automated User Generated SEO Option      
Search Query Cloud [?]A Search Query Cloud is dynamically generated which incorporates the most popular search terms actually used on your site by your visitors. Each of those top searches is linked to corresponding search engine optimized landing pages.
Popular Searches Alpha/Numeric Tables [?]A series of pages are generated that link all of the search queries actually used on your site to the corresponding landing pages optimized for search engines. These search terms include misspellings and obscure "long tail" search terms.
Popular Searches By Product Attribute Tables [?]A series of pages are generated that link important product attributes used on your site to SEO landing pages. Examples include brand name, flavor, voltage, color, scent, etc.
Automatically Updated With Latest Search Activity [?]Data used for the Search Query Cloud and all Popular Searches tables are periodically updated to incorporate the most recent user search activity.
Product Visibility Maps [?]Makes each and every product page accessible to search engines and "tags" each one with important information such as manufacturer model, part, UPC, as well as the actual search terms your site visitors used to locate each product
Product XML Site Map [?]Makes each and every product page known to Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask in the fashion that they prefer.
Maps automatically installed on merchant server [?]Whenever a merchant updates his product information, we automatically install these pages in the merchant's server.
Automatic search engine notifications of new pages [?]Whenever a merchant updates his product information, we immediately notify Google, Yahoo, & MSN (coming soon) to index the new pages and site maps.
Automated User Generated SEO Monthly Charge Free $0/mo $0/mo
Total Per SKU Price Free $0.12/mo $0.19/mo
Total Price for 500 SKUs N/A $0/mo $0/mo
Do you have a large number of products SKU's to support?
Contact us to discuss our special pricing plans.
(Be sure to ask about our Free Site Search Prototyping Program!)
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