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New Features Announced For E-Commerce Site Search Product

Enhanced Customization Tool Helps Boost Web Sales For Online Merchants

West Chicago, IL - September 23, 2008 - Reinhart Technologies Inc. announced today a significant enhancement to its CyberSiteSearch product, which assists online merchants increase sales on their e-commerce web sites.

The recently added enhanced customization feature allows web merchants complete control over the appearance of products shown in site search results pages.

Previously, merchants could match the general look and feel of their web site, but actual product results were always shown in a couple of standard formats. With this powerful new addition, merchants may control the precise content and layout of each search result.

Examples of how this feature might be used include:

  • Implementing multiple "buy now" buttons on each product search result, such as for the site's own shopping cart, Pay Pal, and Google Checkout.
  • Add a "New" or other attention graphic to specific products results.
  • Adding a drop down list of product options.
  • Showing multiple images for each product.

CyberSiteSearch implements a product database architecture that permits the inclusion of merchant defined product attributes. These same attributes are now also available for inclusion in product search results.

"It would be easy to underestimate the power of this enhancement" explained a company spokesperson. "This goes well beyond the level of simple cosmetic customization. The combination of our product's robust handling of merchant defined product attributes, with this new enhanced customization feature permits merchants to show attribute information in search results such as color, voltage, flavor, pattern, axle diameter, or any other attribute they wish to define. Plus, all customization is performed using simple HTML, insuring easy implementation."

CyberSiteSearch affords a proven methodology that combines site search tools, merchandizing, and search marketing features. Web sites using CyberSiteSearch experience increases in both the number of visitors from search engines and sales conversion rate.

The product is implemented using a "hosted" or "Software as a Service" (Saas) model, where all the software actually resides on the vendor's servers. As a result, merchants need not license or install costly and complicated software on their server.

"Merchant Friendly Pricing" is set at just pennies per SKU per month, making the product particularly attractive to small and medium size business web sites.

A free version is available for starter web sites.

For further information, contact:
Reinhart Technologies Inc.


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