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Advanced Site Search For BigCommerce Now Available

Allows BigCommerce Sites To Boost Sales Via Advanced E-Commerce Site Search

West Chicago, IL - July 8, 2014 - Reinhart Technologies Inc. today announced the addition of support for the BigCommerce shopping cart system to its popular CyberSiteSearch E-Commerce site search product.

This product enhancement allows BigCommerce online merchants to easily and rapidly deploy an advanced site search on their e-commerce web site.

CyberSiteSearch implements many features that provide improvements from the default site search. These include fuzzy search, configurable rich auto complete, guided navigation, broader search field inclusion, product quick find, automated user generated SEO, and many others.

These features combine to make the merchant's site easier for customers to navigate and to locate and purchase products. The result is a higher conversion rate for the merchant as well as a responsive and more engaging experience for the customer.

"Our product focuses first and foremost on boosting merchant conversion rates", explained a company spokesperson, "but we also utilize search history and product data to implement User Generated SEO which can boost a BigCommerce site's search engine rankings."

This new BigCommerce support is immediately available and affords a simplified startup interface that permits quick deployment of advanced e-commerce site search on a BigCommerce site in a matter of minutes.

CyberSiteSearch affords a proven methodology that combines site search, merchandizing, and search marketing features. Web sites using CyberSiteSearch experience increases in both the number of visitors from search engines and sales conversion rate.

The product is implemented using a "hosted" or "Software as a Service" (Saas) model, where all the software actually resides on the vendor's servers. As a result, merchants need not license or install costly and complicated software on their server.

"Merchant Friendly Pricing" is set at just pennies per SKU per month, making the product particularly attractive to small and medium size business web sites.

A free version is available for starter web sites.

For further information, contact:
Reinhart Technologies Inc.


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