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Site Search Product Adds Automated User Generated SEO

New features increase search engine rankings and traffic for web sites through innovative use of users' site search history.

West Chicago, IL - June 14, 2013 - Reinhart Technologies Inc. today announced the addition of automated user generated SEO features to its CyberSiteSearch E-Commerce site search product. These new features increase both a web site's search engine visibility as well as its organic traffic. It accomplishes this by means of automatically generated, optimized landing pages that match the site search queries performed by the site's visitors.

"CyberSiteSearch monitors the search activity of a site's visitors and learns from it", explained a company spokesperson. "Based upon this accumulated data of user behavior as well as the site's product data, Automated SEO performs a series of optimizations. These include items such as a search query cloud, landing pages matching popular search queries, and site maps. The net effect is more search engine visibility and organic traffic for both the most popular terms as well as the so-called long tail keywords searches, unique phrases, misspellings, acronyms, etc. used by the site visitors."

SEO Improves Over Time

Since the site search software continually monitors visitors' actions, the site's SEO actually improves over time based upon what they do. With more visitor behavior to learn from, Automated SEO does a better job improving a site's search engine rankings.

Instead of being limited to a relatively small number of landing pages, a site can automatically be enhanced with hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of new and unique landing pages.

Automatic SEO

These new product features automate a site's SEO. As new user site search activity is detected, the search query cloud, optimized landing pages, and site maps are updated to reflect this new activity.

This is accomplished via an entirely automated process, not requiring involvement from management or its technical team.

Further details about this new feature can be found at the Automated User Generated SEO details page.

About CyberSiteSearch

CyberSiteSearch affords a proven methodology that combines site search, merchandizing, and search marketing features. Web sites using CyberSiteSearch experience increases in both the number of visitors from search engines and sales conversion rate.

The product is implemented using a "hosted" or "Software as a Service" (Saas) model, where all the software actually resides on the vendor's servers. As a result, merchants need not license or install costly and complicated software on their server.

"Merchant Friendly Pricing" is set at just pennies per SKU per month, making the product particularly attractive to small and medium size business web sites.

A free version is available for starter web sites.

For further information, contact:
Reinhart Technologies Inc.


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