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Site Search BigCommerce Integration

CyberSiteSearch eCommerce Site Search BigCommerce Integration

Merchants employing the BigCommerce eCommerce shopping cart will find that CyberSiteSearch integrates easily with their site to provide best in class site search functionality.

Our BigCommerce integration implements these features and benefits:

Fast, Accurate Site Search Results Pages That Sell!

Search results pages are rapidly presented to users, organized in a fashion that is easy to use.

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Results Page

Guided Navigation

Guided Navigation

Guided Navigation (also known as faceted search) allows site search users to easily and rapidly narrow their search for products in a structured fashion using the products' attributes (or "facets").

Additionally, it displays product features and options that might have been otherwise overlooked, exposing more choices to the shopper, increasing engagement and time on site.

The result is both satisfied customers and merchants.

Learn more about guided navigation for BigCommerce.

Configurable Rich Auto Complete


Guide your visitors by completing their thought for them as they type!

By instantly suggesting the most relevant search queries and matching products, visitors are better engaged and far more likely to purchase.

In addition to suggestion search queries and products, our auto complete implementation also allows for other types of suggestions. For example, brands, part numbers, or virtually any other criteria that you might desire.

Learn more about rich auto complete for BigCommerce.

Directly Add Products To The BigCommerce Shopping Cart

Add to Cart

Imagine your customer has employed site search to find exactly what he wants. Why should he have to click to a product page before adding the item to the shopping cart?

With this feature, the shopper can purchase the item directly from the site search results page, increasing his satisfaction with the web site and boosting the merchant's conversion rate and sales.

Learn more about directly adding product to the BigCommerce shopping cart.

Fuzzy Logic

Sample of Fuzzy Matching

Visitors are often frustrated when they are unable to locate a product using their terminology.

Our site search BigCommerce integration implements fuzzy logic to loosely match products, providing reliable results and "did you mean?" suggestions irrespective of common mistakes or variations of words.

The most common problems encountered and corrected for are plurals, typographical errors, misspellings, and technical terms.

Learn more about fuzzy logic for BigCommerce.

Product Locator

Sample Implementation of Product Locator Technology

For product catalogs that incorporate product attributes, we offer product locator technology that permits your customers to specify combinations of product attributes that precisely meet their needs, and then launch a site search to list the corresponding products.

As a result, the user is more likely to rapidly locate and purchase products.

Learn more about our Site Search BigCommerce Product Locator.

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