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Expose Your Products To All External Search Engines

Frequently an online merchant’s products are difficult for external search engine spiders such as Google, or Yahoo to find because of the linking structure employed on the merchant’s site. Often products are completely invisible on e-commerce sites where the product pages are dynamically generated in response to visitor actions.

Don’t allow your products to suffer poor or non-existent rankings in external search engines any longer!

Using our Automated User Generated SEO features your products will become not just visible to external search engine spiders, they will become obvious. Furthermore, our automatically generated site maps link to each and every product in different fashions that enhance their search positioning:

Total Product Visibility Sitemap

This map links to each and every one of your products using the product name as the link text. This is the simplest of the four maps.

Product Manufacturer Information Sitemap

This map links to every product that has manufacturer and/or brand information associated with it. The link text incorporates manufacturer, brand, UPC, part number, and model number information, thereby making external search engine spiders aware that each of these pages has that information associated with it. These products become more likely to be found when someone searches for this product using that type of information.

Product Visibility By Search Phrase Sitemap

Sometimes searchers use terminology that you wouldn’t think of to describe your products. For example, you might sell a “garbage can”, but did you know that some people refer to it as a “trash bin”?

Someone might search your site for a phrase like that, and then click through to a product, indicating that at least this one customer thought that the specific search phrase fit that product. So why not advertise that to all external search engines?

This map links to products using as the link text the actual search words and phrases that searchers on your site used to find the product. Each of these products become more likely to be found when someone performs a search using that same search phrase on an external search engine.

XML Product Sitemap

In a remarkable act of collaboration and cooperation, Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask have announced that they have adopted a unified system of submitting web pages through feeds to their crawlers called the XML Sitemaps Protocol.

Why would these arch-competitors agree to something like that? Because it’s good for them, since it simplifies how they can discover new and modified content. In effect, these search giants are telling us the XML Sitemaps are the preferred way of submitting your pages to them.

As a result, XML Sitemaps have become an extremely useful tool to help search engines find and understand all of the pages on a web site. And having your products found and understood by search engines should be one of your primary goals.

We generate an XML Site Map standard compliant map of all of your product pages each time you submit a new data feed to us.

“Fire And Forget” Sitemaps

All of the above mentioned site maps are automatically generated each time you send a new data feed to us.

If desired, we can also automatically install these maps on your server for you and then notify the search engines that new versions are available for their perusal.

You don’t even have to think about it. It’s all automatically done for you.

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