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Boost conversions and sales with CyberSiteSearch

Rich Auto-Complete Search Box

Guide Visitors by Completing Their Thought For Them as They Type!

Our Rich Auto Complete Search Box feature is a powerful tool that significatly improves your site's usability to boost sales.

Frequently, you site's visitors enter broad and generic terms into the site search box. The CyberSiteSearch Auto Complete feature detects the keywords as they are typed and instantly suggests not only specific products, but also complete search queries or terms that the visitor may not already know.

By instantly suggesting the most relevant search queries and matching products, visitors are better engaged and far more likely to purchase.

These Search and products suggestions are specifically derived from your site's visitor historical behavior. It suggests the most popular products coupled with the most popular site search queries to guide the visitor to the ultimate goal of a successful sale. This specific adaptation to your site showcases your inventory in the best possible and muti-facted fashion.

The CyberSiteSearch implementation affords maximum flexibility to configure the autocomplete site search to pick and choose exactly what is presented in the suggestion list:

Search Suggestions

A list of the most popular search suggestions is presented to the visitor based upon what has been typed so far into the search box. The Search Suggestion list is derived from the historical data base of actual site search queries performed on your site. Auto Complete finds the closest match and presents them in the list.

Suggestions may be single word or multi word phrases that guide shoppers to specific search terms, including some terms that might be unfamiliar to the visitor.

Auto Complete presents the suggestion list in order of popularity recorded on your site.

The maximum number of search suggestions as well as the position of the search suggestions relative to other suggestion types can be configured to meet your site's requirements.

Product Suggestions

Auto Complete matches the text typed into the search box with your products and presents them to your visitors. The most popular products are presented to the visitor.

Each product is presented along with a product image and optional pricing and user review information.

Visitors gain instant visibility into your product catalog as they type, resulting in a higher level of engagement, a better shopping experience and a higher conversion rate.

The maximum number of product suggestions, their position relative to other suggestion types, and whether or not to show pricing information can be configured to meet your site's requirements.

Custom Suggestions Appropriate To Your Products

CyberSiteSearch implements an extensible database architecture that allows your products to be described using any set of custom attributes that fit them. Examples of attributes merchants might use would be voltage, flavor, axle diameter, scent, usage, or anything else that makes sense for your product catalog.

Extending that idea further, Auto Complete may be configured to offer a custom suggestion list based upon any of these attributes, such as the example shown here where the merchant has chosen to show the Brand as a suggestion.

Automatic Updating Keeps Suggestions Fresh

The list of possible suggestions is constantly updated with the latest search and product information.

This is accomplished via an entirely automated process, not requiring involvement from management or its technical team.

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