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Purchase Products Directly From Site Search Results Page

One of the most popular features of CyberSiteSearch is the ability to permit shoppers to purchase a product directly from the site search results page.

Imagine your customer has employed site search to find exactly what he wants. Why should he have to click to a product page before adding the item to the shopping cart?

With this feature, the shopper can purchase the item directly from the site search results page, increasing his satisfaction with the web site and boosting the merchant's conversion rate and sales.

To utilize this feature, all we need know is the URL of the "add to cart" page on your web site. This can be easily supplied in your data feed. Some shopping cart systems automatically supply it. This alternative utilizes the standard buy now button formatted into each site search result.

Another alternative is to implement the purchase function via customized search result code, simple html that defines the format of each search result for your site. This choice permits the site to employ exactly the same purchase graphic as employed on product pages.

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