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So What’s The Big Deal?

The crux of the site search problem is to match your site visitors’ queries with those products that they are most likely to buy.

So who would you think you be best able to fully and completely describe your products to those visitors – some search engine spider automaton or you?

As a Google manager recently said:

"Before, there was simple web crawling which involved indexing the content on a website. But there were challenges: sometimes the web crawler could not find all pages on a site, and, even if a page was crawled, it was often difficult for a computer-based system to understand the meaning of the content."

Amen to that!

Web crawlers are poorly suited to organize detailed product content into a searchable structure across all of the products on your web site. 

But you can.

And since we think you know how to describe your products best, our technology allows you to specify a rich set of attributes to associate with each of them. And since not all products can be described using some standard set of attributes (like voltage, flavor, radius, intended audience, hull width, etc.), we allow you to describe your products in terms of custom attributes defined by you.

After you send your product data to us, it becomes immediately searchable, using everything from simple keyword searches to sophisticated multi attribute product locators. For example, one of our customers has implemented a product locator that allows customers to locate just the right coffee to suite their taste based upon its caffeination, grind, category, origin country, acidity, aroma, etc.:

Site Search Product Locator

Better yet, your products also become more visible to external search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN if you also choose our Google Product Injection and Enhanced Search Engine Optimization options!

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