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Product Locator For Site Search

For complicated product catalogs, we offer product locator technology that permits your customers to specify combinations of product attributes that precisely meet their needs, and then launch a site search to list the corresponding products.

Site Search Product Locator

A good example might be a site selling coffee. When you think about it, there are many attributes that you can use to describe a particular coffee. These include, the roast, grind, caffeination, packaging, or special designations (e.g., kosher certified, fair trade certified).

It is not reasonable to expect a shopper to type all of those keywords into a search box. Instead, the shopper can be presented with a form that simplifies the search by offering a menu of choices.

The user is able to then specify the precise combination of attributes that meets his needs.

This feature is particularly useful for sites offering many, similar products or technically complex products.

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