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Our company traces its origins back to 1983 when our founder launched his first of several companies. More recently, through the merging of various businesses, Reinhart Technologies Inc. has become the successor organization.

Over these many years we have provided products and services to many of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world including: Motorola, Federal Express, Lloyds Bank London, Apple Computer, Pacific Bell, Northwest Airlines, NASDAQ, the California Lottery, MacDonalds, NBC, Bell Canada, Credit Agricole Paris, and the US Army, Navy and Air Force.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have also worked with and participated in many smaller entrepreneurial companies and ventures including numerous online retailers, an online directory and search company, and online continuing education for insurance agents.

Our experience has taught us that to be competitive, we had to avail ourselves of the best and most competitive technologies. But what we continually and repeatedly encountered were products with very high entry costs and/or  high recurring costs. Worse yet, the vendors of those products rarely showed any interest in marketing or even cooperating with smaller accounts, seemingly interested in only pursuing the big accounts, the so-called “low hanging fruit”.

Since our experience clearly showed an absolute dearth of quality products that were cost effective for small to medium sized Web merchants, we decided to invent some.

CyberSiteSearch is the first such product. Its pricing is designed to be fair to merchants of all sizes – you simply pay a small monthly amount per product SKU. Small merchants pay less. Large merchants pay more.

Plus, there are no artificial pricing barriers that discriminate against some merchants. There are no big setup fees. No commitments. No big prepayment. No risk. You simply pay for what you use each month. Don’t want to use it anymore? Just stop.

And speaking of no risk, we even offer a free plan that allows you to use the full featured product indefinitely. (Note that this is no gimmicky “free trial”; it’s free ongoing use of the actual product with reasonable sizing and utilization limits.)

And yes, we use the product ourselves.

CyberSiteSearch is a practical solution for merchants of all sizes. So if you are an online merchant who wants to sell more, show your products and not boring old text links. Give it a try today!

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