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On-Demand Software as a Service (SaaS) Makes Life Easier For You

All software and data that support your site search reside on our servers. This means you have no upfront investment in costly hardware, software, or development. Plus, you have no ongoing operational concerns as our staff provides full technical and operational support.

To instrument your site to use CyberSiteSearch, your Webmaster need only change your existing search form to point to our servers.

Implementing sophisticated product locator searches using multiple attributes is only slightly more complicated and typically can be accomplished in minutes.

Structured Data Yields Precise, Structured Search

Precise, structured e-commerce site search rests on the foundation of structured product data. As described elsewhere, traditional search spiders are limited in their ability to fully understand your products and their attributes. You understand them best.

With our solution, you send your product data (including their attributes) to us in a file called a data feed file.  Our software processes the file and makes your products immediately available for search.

If you already use data feeds in your online marketing, the process will be familiar to you. In fact, you probably can use your existing data feed to implement site search. Our setup wizard guides you through the process. Better yet, we have implemented data feed adapters that convert existing data feed to such popular destinations as,, Shopzilla, Google, Yahoo, Price Garbber,, and others.

And if you are not already using data feeds, you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is.  You can even start with a simple Excel spread sheet. Our staff will be happy to advise and assist you in this process.



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