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Mouse Over Popups For E-Commerce Site Search

One of CyberSiteSearch's most important product features is the Mouse Over Product Pop-ups (or Product Flyouts) feature.

As its name implies, a small pop-up appears when a user hovers the mouse over a product image in a search result.

This feature was added to address an important consideration for both merchants and their customers. It is a widely accepted fact that products shown "above the fold" (i.e., are initially visible in the screen without scrolling down at all) enjoy a higher conversion rate than those lower on the page.

The easy way to accomplish this on a site search results page is to choose the grid format, which displays minimal product information (typically, images, links, and prices). This choice allows the display of many products above the fold.

But this choice also has a big drawback: to obtain more detailed product information, users are required to click through to the product page and then return via the back button to the site search results page. Presumably, the user would repeat this tedious process for each product of interest.

We invented product pop-ups to solve this problem. When users wish to obtain more information, they need only hover the mouse over the product's image and a pop-up appears showing details. To compare multiple products, the user simply moves the cursor over each.

As a result, the customer never has to leave the search results page, resulting in a more satisfying shopping experience.

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