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Supercharge Your Google Marketing: Inject Your Products Into Google!

Good positioning of your products in Google is of paramount importance to success in e-commerce. That’s why we developed Google marketing features that go beyond the other search marketing features that we offer.

To get your products listed by Google, you really have only three choices: passively wait for them to be discovered, point Google to each of your product pages and wait for Google to index them, or actively inject your product data directly into Google. Experienced e-commerce merchants would choose the last option every time!

Instead of waiting to be found, our Google Product Injection feature allows you to actively tell Google about your web pages, your products, and your products’ attributes.

Google Product Injection

Using the product data that is supplied by you, we actively inject Google with all of that information, including any and all attributes used to describe them This facilitates inclusion, better positioning, and enhanced visibility for searches performed in:

Google Base
Froogle Shopping Site



The effort put into describing your products with a rich set of attributes for the purpose of site search gets fully leveraged here. Those very same attributes are used again to make your products more visible for Google searches using these attributes.

Achieve Better Than Top Ten Listings!

The Nirvana of search marketing has been to achieve a "Top Ten" listing for one or more of your products in Google. Considerable effort and expense is invested each and every day by many thousands of search marketers to accomplish this goal, since having a product returned on the first page of search results will almost always lead to greatly increased traffic and sales of that product.

But did you know that you could do even better than a Top Ten listing?

Well you can, using our Google Product Injection feature. The following screen shot illustrates a real example of a product injected by CyberSiteSearch that is actually returned above the conventional Top Ten results:

While we cannot guarantee that Google will similarly handle all injected products, we can guarantee that if you do not use this strategy you have little or no chance of having your products listed above the Top Ten results!

Automatic Updating

Whenever you send a new data feed to us, we automatically re-inject Google with your latest product data. You don’t even have to think about it! It’s entirely automatic.

And speaking about not having to think about it, since Google will automatically “expire” your products (i.e., delete them) after 30 days, we automatically refresh your product listings by re-injecting them into Google to help prevent their deletion.


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