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Fuzzy Site Search For E-Commerce Web Sites

Fuzzy site search features are designed to address common problems encountered when using a site's search function.

Visitors are often frustrated when they are unable to locate a product using their terminology.

The goal of fuzzy site search is to provide the same reliable results irrespective of common mistakes or variations of words. The most common problems are:

Usage of Plurals - while one user may think in terms of buying a new "cap" another may be thinking in terms of viewing all of your "caps". As a result, the first user may search "cap" while the second would search "caps". The goal of our fuzzy search features is to show the same products to both users.

Fuzzy Site Search

Typographical Errors - Typo errors are probably the most common mistakes. For example, a site search for "Russian tea" will produce proper results, but if the user makes a typing mistake such as "Russina tea" many site search implementations will fail to return any results. A properly implemented fuzzy site search will recognize the error, compensate for it by returning correct results for the intended search term "Russian tea", and politely query the user with a "Did you mean Russian tea?" prompt.

Fuzzy Site Search

Misspellings - Most web site operators fail to think about the fact that their users quite often do not correctly spell all of the words in their search query. But since those operators take great pain to be sure all of the words on their site are correctly spelled, the result is no results returned from the site's search function since the incorrectly spelled word cannot be found. Fuzzy site search will recognize the error, compensate for it by returning correct results for the intended search term, and politely prompt the user with a "Did you mean?" prompt.

Technical Terms - Sites employing technical terms are particularly vulnerable to site search failure to properly implement fuzzy search logic. Alternative spellings for technical terms may exist and misspellings abound. Fuzzy logic circumvents these potential problems by compensating for the misspelling.

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