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Boost conversions and sales with CyberSiteSearch

Site Search Engine For Ecommerce Websites

Advanced E-Commerce Site Search For Merchants Of All Sizes

Most online merchants view site search as a tactical tool, simply choosing whatever free search utility that is provided with their web hosting package.

Big mistake!

Instead, site search should be viewed as a strategic sales and marketing tool, used to engage your visitors and influence their buying decisions. CyberSiteSearch accomplishes this via these product features:

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Site Search Guided Navigation

E-Commerce Friendly Search Results Pages

No more boring, cryptic text links! Show off your products to your customers using product images, promotional text, pricing information, etc. Even allow them to order directly from the search results page. Learn more about the difference between e-commerce site search and content site search.

Elevates Your Best Products To Top Positions

Boost your conversion rate and sales. Search results can display your best selling products at the top of the results page, increasing your chances of making that sale.

Provides Multiple Sorting Options

Visitors may peruse your products better by viewing search results sorted by popularity, relevance, price, on sale, and newest additions.

Supports Product Merchandizing And Promotions

Merchants may designate products to display at the top of results in response to specific search terms, either indefinitely or during a specific time period.

Supports Cross Sell And Up Sell

For every product, merchants may specify a list of desired cross sell and up sell products which can be displayed from the search results page.

Supports Search On Advanced Standard Attributes

Your site visitors may search on keywords found in product titles and descriptions plus advanced search on standard fields such as merchant supplied keywords, manufacturer, brand, model or part number, etc.

Supports Search On Merchant Defined Extended Attributes

We provide an extensible site search solution that allows you to define and supply a wealth of product attributes (for example, color, scent, pattern, axle diameter, sale price, style, etc.) that become immediately searchable. Learn more about the importance of product attributes.

Supports Product Locator Implementations

Allow your customers to easily search your product catalog using any combination of keywords and attributes (including merchant defined attributes supplied by you) via a single search form. For example, one of our merchants has implemented a single form that allows searching of their fragrance and beauty product catalog by any combination of fragrance, product type (perfume, cream, soap, etc.), gender (products for men, women, children) and keywords.

Customized And Branded Results Pages

All search results pages are displayed with the merchants branding and standard site header and footer at the top and bottom of the pages. In addition, merchants may customize the layout and content of the search results page.

Comprehensive Site Search Reporting

Our online reporting software allows merchants to peruse historical site search engine data to optimize both their web store and online marketing efforts. By studying what visitors search for, what they click on (or don’t click), what they buy (and don’t buy), merchants can uncover a wealth of data and insight into how visitors view their site and products.

For example, these reports can be used to discover holes in your product mix by viewing what visitors searched for on your site and didn’t find or buy.

Another example would be to use these reports to refine and improve your Pay Per Click keyword list by adding search terms employed on your web site.

The only limit to how these reports could be used is your imagination!

Fully Hosted And Data Driven Solution

All site search engine functions and data are hosted on our servers (so there is no need for you to install or maintain anything on your server) and driven by the structured product data that you send us. Learn more about our fully hosted site search engine.

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