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What’s The Difference?

We are often asked to explain the difference between E-Commerce Site Search and traditional content site search solutions. It’s really quite simple.

A content site search package “thinks” solely in terms of web pages, their structure and their content. It understands nothing about products. Search results are presented in often cryptic, textual fashion such as the search results page shown below:

On the other hand, CyberSiteSearch implements true e-commerce site search, which “thinks” in terms of your products and their attributes (for example, color, scent, pattern, axle diameter, sale price, style, etc.). Search results are presented with pictures, descriptive text, and pricing information.

All of your product attributes become fully searchable. Your site visitors can locate just the right product using product locator search functions like that shown here:

Site Search Product Locator

Plus, a true E-Commerce site search product like ours permits merchants to implement promotions and merchandizing, as well as cross sells and up sells from the search results page like this:

[ insert picture ]

You are in business to sell products and not web pages, so show off your products and not boring text links.

Use CyberSiteSearch to sell more!

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