3dCart Site Search Integration Now Available

We announced support today for the popular 3dCart shopping cart.

This allows merchants using 3dCart to rapidly deploy the CyberSiteSearch advanced eCommerce site search solution on their online store. Full details can be found at the site search for 3dCart page as well as the news release page.

This is one more of a continuing series of shopping cart site search integrations made available with the product.

BigCommerce E-Commerce Site Search Now Available

We have just recently released support for BigCommerce sites. This integration makes the advanced site search features of CyberSiteSearch available to web sites using the BigCommerce shopping cart.

This new BigCommerce support is immediately available and affords a simplified start up interface that permits quick deployment on a typical BigCommerce site in a matter of minutes.

For further information, please review our recent news release or the site search for Bigcommerce page.



Rich Auto-Complete Site Search Box Added To CyberSiteSearch

Today we announce that a Rich Auto-Complete (also at times referred to as “Auto-Suggest”) feature has been added to the CyberSiteSearch e-commerce site search product.

This new feature enhances the user experience via a drop down list of pertinent suggestions composed in real time as the visitor types a site search query as shown in this example:

Sample E-Commerce Site Search Auto-Complete

Think of it as a powerful tool that helps your site visitors complete their thoughts as they type.

By instantly suggesting the most relevant search queries and matching products, visitors are better engaged and far more likely to purchase, increasing your site’s conversion rate.

For further information, please review the news release as well as the Rich Auto-Complete page.


Automated User Generated SEO Now Available

We’ve recently announced general availability of a new¬†Automated User Generated SEO feature for CyberSiteSearch.

Some salient features include:

  • Leverages the site search activity of your visitors
  • Automatically generates optimized landing pages for popular search terms
  • SEO improves over time
  • Completely automated; requires no management or tech team involvement

Consult the news release or the feature page for details.